Villages Go Solar and Experience Electricity for the First Time

While the nation is happily participating in #SelfiewithDaughter campaign, daughters and sons of villages in Bareilly were forced to live in darkness because of no electricity.

But then Su-Kam’s DC Home Lighting System changed everything!

Indian village powered by solar

No Electricity Since 1947 Until Solar Revolution in 2015

Residents of Gotia Bhatti, Ulhetapur and Salehpur had been making do with basic kerosene lamps to illuminate their homes, with a few opting for small solar lights to help their children study.

However, recently they underwent a transformation with Su-Kam installing solar DC home lighting systems in the households.

solar in Indian village


This was done as part of the solar energy project awarded to Su-Kam under the large-scale remote electrification scheme funded by the central government, which was also aided by funds from the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA).

42-year-old beneficiary, Jagan Lal, a farmer in Ulhetapur village, can’t stop gushing about the new lighting system in his house.

He says,“My four children struggled to study post dark and my wife couldn’t get basic chores done around the house.

However, now my daughter is looking at pursuing her B.Sc while his wife is able to finish all her work. Ab hamare ghar mein kabhi andhera nahi hota”

Life no longer stops for them after dark.

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What’s in Su-Kam’s DC Home Lighting System?

There are two types of systems that were installed in the Bareilly villages: 18 watts and 37 watts. Both systems have these in common:

  • 7 watt and 3 watt LED lamps

  • One solar panel

  • Solar battery

  • Solar control unit

The difference lies in the number of LED lamps available and the power of the solar battery.

While the beneficiary  gets two LED lamps as part of the 18-watt system (one 3-watt lamp and one 7-watt lamp), the 37-watt system comes with four lamps (two 3-watt lamps and two 7-watt lamps).

The former is powered by a 20 ah battery while the 37-watt system comes with a 40 ah battery.

While the Su-Kam DC home lighting system offers uninterrupted electricity during the day, being powered by the sunlight, it has a backup of up to 7 – 8 hours.

Post 6 pm, if one switches on one lamp, the system will continue to generate electricity the whole night. However, if one switches on both the lamps, the backup will last till midnight or so.

How Does DC Home Lighting System Work?

Solar Panels generate DC electricity which goes through solar control unit to power DC LED lamps during the day and excess DC power is stored in battery.

In the evening/night the solar power stored in batteries power LED Lamps. The biggest advantage of DC home lighting system is that there is no conversion of DC to AC – no loss of energy – because the LED lamps can run directly on DC unlike ordinary lamps.

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How Much Did it Cost?

While the beneficiaries didn’t have to bear the cost of installation, with UPNEDA funding fixed costs of installationRs 8,250 for the 18-watt system and Rs 14,250 for the 37-watt one— they will need to replace the battery after five years, either after purchasing from Su-Kam directly or through UPNEDA.

However they will have to pay for Electricity bills!

solar Indian village


In India Going Solar is Not a Choice but a Need

Mr Sudesh Kumar, assistant general manager of Su-Kam, who supervised the project says, “ While the world focuses on environmental side of solar, in India solar also makes economic sense and sometimes is the only option. I’m a big supporter and user of DC home light system after seeing its advantages for close to 1000 people who benefited through this project.

Just like these households in Bareilly, you too can go solar by opting for a DC lighting system and live an energy-efficient and hassle-free life!

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