Vipul, Working as DGM Operations, Su-Kam

ImageMy association with SU-Kam is now more than 5 year old. I had joined Su-Kam in Dec’ 07 as Manager Production & PPC, presently working as DGM Operations responsible for Inverter & Transformer Plant.
My journey with Su-Kam is full of up’s & downs and lots of challenges, which all helped in shaping my career trajectory and helped me to realise my potential to the fullest due to which I have been bestowed with the responsibilities of a managerial position. I have grown a lot personally as well as professionally and became more responsible and mature. Challenges & tasks were very big in the first instance but there are two things which made every task simpler and gave me enough courage take each challenge head on.
Firstly, the unconditional support from my team has helped me through this journey at Su-Kam. I have got a wonderful team here, they have always stood by me.
Secondly, the trust & freedom given by our Top Management. They provided with ample space to experiment and enhance my risk taking abilities which is rare in  the corporate sector.
Here we have absolutely open atmosphere, where everybody has freedom to speak up his mind without any fear and put his thoughts forward. All practically possible ideas are adopted and are rewarded as well. These all put together makes Su-Kam a family rather than just a company, working here is real fun. Whatever is the situation but we still find some ways to distress and get back to work with fervour.



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