Warning! Odisha to Face Daily Power-cuts for 8 Months: Reason and Solution

Odisha was once considered to be a power surplus city but now the condition is so bad the Government has no option but to keep the state in dark as it plans for massive power cuts across the state. Cities in Odisha will get 2 hours of power-cut daily while Odisha’s rural areas may get more than 3 hours of power-cut. According to some media reports, daily power-cuts in Odisha may go on for 8 months!

What is the reason behind Odisha’s powercuts?

Odisha is dependent on its hydro-electricity plants to generate power. However, due to bad monsoon, the state is facing water scarcity and water in its dams have dried up by 50%. This is the reason why there is power scarcity in Odisha which translates into power-cuts.


What Can Residents of Odisha do to Combat Powercuts?

Residents should get prepared to keep power back sources in their houses. We would never recommend generators because not only they cause massive air and pollution they are quite expensive to operate. Inverters are a better option as they provide instant power back-up. But if you are going to buy an inverter, why not buy the best?

What is the best inverter that residents of Odisha can use during powercuts?

Su-Kam has launched the best home solar inverter – Falcon plus.


This is a smart inverter that runs on patented ATC technology. It can automatically adjust charging after sensing outside temperature. This keeps the inverter protected. Falcon plus is powered by 4th generation microprocessor and can be used with battery of any size. It offers six stage charging that ensure that the batteries are charged efficiently and quickly. This also eliminates the need of frequent water topping and increases the battery life by 6 months to 1 year.

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The Permanent Solution to Odisha’s Power Problems

While inverters are only a back-up solution, residents of Odisha should consider to generate power using the sustainable energy source – solar.

Brainy – home solar inverterBrainy Eco is a true innovation by Su-Kam. This smart home solar inverter can charge your batteries through solar as well as grid while giving priority to solar.


Its ‘Intelligent Charging Sharing’ feature means that it if 10 amps is coming from solar panels and your battery needs 15 amps, it will take the rest 5 amps from grid. On the other hand, if solar panels are making full 15 amps, it will not take anything from grid. You save big with Su-Kam’s Brainy as you consume ZERO units of electricity from the grid while your house is being powered by solar energy stored in batteries.

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Off-grid Solar PCU – You can also consider running all of your electrical load through solar if you install an off-grid solar power system. An off-grid system consists of a Solar PCU (serves as inverter and solar charge controller), solar panels and batteries.

Sukam Solar PCU

The system charges the batteries through solar energy made by panels. When the batteries are charged the system runs collected load through solar. It converts DC stored in batteries into AC to run electrical appliances in the house. The system makes you energy independent as you do not take anything from the grid. You generate electricity through solar and use it.

uy-online sukam solar led lights

DC solar system – The Su-kam solar DC system is an innovative and environment-friendly, complete home lighting solar solution that has the power to remove darkness from millions of lives. A standard package can light up to one 12V 25W DC (BLDC) fan, two 3W LED along with the USB mobile charger point.


It saves power by 70% on DC LED lights and fans as compared AC CFL light and fans. Energy conversion loss is minimized by 20%-30%. The connected battery is charged from solar power in the day time and then the battery backup is used in the night to light-up the LED lamps. The continuous supply of solar power makes it one of the most reliable systems. Now one can get rid of high electricity bills, once and for all!

uy-online sukam solar led lights

Go Solar with Sukam!

Su-Kam is India’s leading power back up solutions provider, and it is working towards offering cutting-edge solar solutions. Solar will not only assure an uninterrupted power supply but also help in reducing your electricity bills.

Dial 1800-102-7555 today and go solar!

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