We Run Swimming Pool, ACs, Lights and Fans on 6.25 kva Solar in Our Home

Here is a story about an old Su-Kam customer who recently decided to turn to solar power with Su-Kam. He is now saving thousands of rupees per month. Read more to find out how!

How He Decided to Go Solar?

Mr. Prashant stays in Rajkot district in Gujarat. The area that he stays did not have a problem of frequent power cuts but he had a large house and his electricity bill was shooting up. He wished he didn’t have to pay that much money every month to run air conditioners and motors in his home.

Prashant is an old Su-Kam customer. He had Su-Kam’s Shark inverter installed in his farmhouse. This inverter has been working perfectly for the last one and a half years until Prashant renovated his farmhouse. His farmhouse now has a running swimming pool and other heavy electrical load.


Prashant wanted to run all of his load on solar power as he wanted to reduce his heavy monthly electricity bills.

And so, he decided to call up Mr. Rushikesh, owner of Neelam Micro-electronics in Gujarat. Rajkot district of Gujarat receives approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes of day light every day. And therefore, investing in solar power in this area would definitely be a success.


Mr. Rushikesh then decided to install a solar power conditioning unit in Prashant’s farmhouse. A solar power conditioning unit is different from a regular inverter in the way that it has an inbuilt solar charge controller. It is usually externally installed in case of an existing inverter at home.

After a detailed site inspection, here is what he installed:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU – 6.25KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels – 3KW
  3. Su-Kam Batteries – 100AH (8 in number)


Units Generated and Load Running

This solar system is expected to generate approximately 15 to 17 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success. The system is now running all appliances on solar comfortably. Solar power from this installation is used to run a 1HP submersible water pump in the swimming pool of the farmhouse, 1.5 Ton AC, 2 CFLs (15W each) and 2 fans.


Mr. Rushikesh says, ‘We have installed Su-Kam solar PCU in the customer’s home according to their load requirements. Previously they had Su-kam’s Shark inverter installed in their farmhouse. But it could not power all the load of farmhouse. This solar system is perfect for their place. We have installed the solar panels with much accuracy and detailing. We have built cement framework under the panels to hold it sturdy. The cement fabrication with make sure the panels are firmly attached to the ground. We have made a lot of efforts to install the system perfectly and Mr. Prashant is glad and satisfied with the installation.’

After the installation, we had a candid conversation with Mr. Prashant. We asked him if he is satisfied with the use of solar power and what he thinks about the future of solar power in India.

Here’s what he told us, ‘I had Su-Kam’s inverter installed previously in my farmhouse and it works perfectly. I wanted to go in for solar power as my friends and relatives suggested. But I did not have a second thought about where to buy it from. I have complete faith and trust in Su-kam. I have recently started watching YouTube in which I see Su-kam’s educational videos on the inverters. They are very interesting.’

We are glad to associate with such educated man, who wishes to learn more about solar power. We feel blessed to associate with such people.

We wish Mr. Prashant and his family all the best and hope to serve him and his family again in the future.

To understand how a solar PCU works and how to install one, please watch these videos:

Please click on the following link to subscribe to Su-Kam’s YouTube channel to learn more about upcoming technologies in solar power: https://www.youtube.com/user/SukamIndia

For further details please contact –

Mr. Rushikesh Vadodariya – 9723918248

Contact customer with the details below –

Mr. Prashant

Rajkot Farmhouse




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