We thank Su-Kam!

There is seldom a brand that comes along and becomes part of a large population’s daily life. A brand that becomes so entrenched in one’s existence, it would be hard to imagine life without its products or services. Su-Kam, with its inverters & UPS systems, has become one such brand. Giving constant power to generations of customers, it is one super-brand that its customers are very thankful for.

Saouvik De from Kolkata is a good example of a Su-Kam customer, who is extremely thankful to the brand. Having bought an inverter from Su-Kam, he felt such a tremendous change in his life, that he has bought a second one. Like Souvik, many other Su-Kam customers thank the company for a metamorphosis in their lifestyles.

Customers, whose homes had power cuts, are now happier to have at least the essentials running all the time, thanks to Su-Kam’s inverters & UPS products. Businesses that would suffer losses because of electrical load shedding, are now enjoying uninterrupted power supply. They now generate greater profits, thanks to Su-Kam’s high capacity batteries & inverters. The list is really endless.

Manoj Kumar from Bangalore and Sibani Kundu from Kolkata are two more Su-Kam customers, who have been reaping the benefits of 24/7 power. With their Su-Kam inverters firmly in place, both are happy with their products’ performance and grateful to Su-Kam for bringing its products to them.

The innovation & thought that goes into all of Su-Kam’s products makes them a class apart from anything else in the market. From affordable purchase prices, convenient features, pollution-free operation, to superb service support – each Su-Kam product is a combination of all these attributes. And that’s what makes them really special and unique.

For YP Gautam from Uttar Pradesh and Sumit Pathania from Punjab; it were the specifications of their Su-Kam products that won them over. But the fact is, whatever the initial reason for purchase, once a person has bought a Su-Kam product, he/she is very unlikely to switch to any other brand. The entire package is that good. And this is what millions of Su-Kam patrons unanimously thank Su-Kam for. Great products, great back-up!




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