What do Su-Kam customers feel?

The customer is king – this is a fact of life, and rightly so. The customer also tells the absolute truth about a company and its products and services. In fact, customer feedback is the most accurate barometer for judging the true merits of a company. So what happens when you take a sample of Su-Kam customers, and throw a volley of questions at them? The answer is not surprising at all – all they have is positive feedback.

Su-Kam customers’ feedback on the company goes beyond being ‘satisfied with the product’. Over time, and through the most dependable range of power back-up products, Su-Kam has managed to establish an enviable reputation among its consumers. It extends to love, admiration, and a total devotion to the company. Brand Su-Kam has ceased to be just another marquee from which they purchase certain products. To them, Su-Kam has become a living entity upon whom they rely completely for their power back-up needs. It is a friend that never lets them down, an investment that always pays rich dividends, and a protector always serving them.

This is the degree to which fondness for Su-Kam exists amongst the brand’s loyal customers. Furthermore, these customers are not restricted to a limited geography, but in fact traverse the length and breadth of the country. They prove that Su-Kam is popular across the board. One look at even a small sample confirms this.

From Haryana Mr. Mahender Sharma and Mr. Tarun Sharma; from Kolkata, Mr. Kanchan Bhattacharya; from Navi Mumbai, Mr. Jayprakash Fadia and Mr. Rajesh Uppal;from Bhiwandi, Mr.Deepak Katke; from Jhansi, Mr. Manoj Kumar Khare;and from Aligarh, Mr. Satish prakash Sharma.

All these people share views collectively held by all Su-Kam customers – they enjoy Su-Kam’s products, and love the brand, immensely!

Contact information of the above-mentioned customers:

Mr.Jayprakash Fadia: C-1201, Sai Residency, Plot 59/61, Sector – 15, Belapur CBD, Maharashtra.

Mr.Deepak Katke: Singh Compound, Near Saravana Hotel, Navneet Motors, Takoda Village.




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