What Does Solar Man of India, Kunwer, Think About Future of Solar

kunwer_sachdevaKunwar Sachdeva has been quoted as “a pioneer of India’s power backup industry” in a recent interview with ET Now in their segment called Incredible Achievers. Interestingly, Mr. Sachdeva started his journey as an entrepreneur by venturing into cable TV business for 8-9 years.

In less than 2 decades, under his guidance, Su-kam has transformed the power backup situation in India. No wonder he is hailed as “the inverter man of India”! Today, Su-kam products have reached almost 71 countries around the globe.

He started the company to revolutionize the power backup systems in India and use solar energy to provide the customers with an affordable and maintenance free solution to their electricity worries.

Su-kam is successfully taking his vision ahead by roping in dedicated employees and coming up with upgraded products to suit customer needs.

Kunwar Sachdeva set a benchmark in the power backup industry by introducing innovative products that are wholly made in India.

kunwer_sachdevFrom using the right technology to implementing the right technique, Kunwar Sachdeva did it all to ensure that inverters will never be a cause of worry for the customers. He replaced the prior technology with solar which gave the products an edge over the already existing inverters. He wanted to overcome the flaws in the conventional inverters that required generators alongside. At Su-kam he made it possible. Using the solar technology, Su-kam launched many sine wave inverters that do not require anything else.

Su-kam has earned reliability with each of its products that are appreciated by the customers and more and more people are now replacing their inverters with Su-kam solar inverters.

With more than 250 products, Su-kam has aggressively registered its place in the market. It has products that will suit almost every industry. Su-kam has even reached the remotest corners of India because of the extended demand and the trust that the customers have shown in the company.


Su-kam is also proud of setting up India’s first Research and Development Wing in the power backup industry. Under this wing, engineers work passionately to bring forward some path-breaking products that taking Su-kam to heights. Su-kam believes in quality products and thrives hard to achieve it.

Su-kam has thus become a trendsetter. Telling about the advanced technology that is being used at Su-kam, MD Kunwar Sachdeva said, “The products we make are all technology driven. Right now, the processors which we are using are much more sophisticated than what you use in your mobile phones. The technology that Su-kam uses is top class in the world.”

Su-kam is all set to come up with touchscreen inverters soon so that customers will find it more user-friendly.

Apart from these, Su-kam is also planning a Wi-Fi solar inverter so that people would be able to see everything on their phones.



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