What is DC Solar System? Why is it Best Solar Solution for India?

Solar DC system is being called the future of solar. Until now we have been only using AC (Alternate Current) appliances. But now DC (Direct Current) powered electronics are making their way into markets worldwide – especially India. There are plenty of benefits that DC powered equipment give to their owners. They consume less energy and perform better than their AC counterpart. For example, a DC powered LED bulb is at least 60% more efficient than an ordinary AC powered tubelight.

DC Appliances and Solar Installations

DC has special importance when it comes to solar installations because solar panels generate DC. However, in traditional solar installations, we take help of an inverter to convert DC into AC just because the electrical equipment we use (fans, lights, TV etc) are designed to run on AC only. This conversion of electricity from DC to AC causes wastage of energy. This is why AC appliances are less efficient than DC. But if we have electrical equipment that can run on DC straight away then we don’t need to convert and waste energy. That is, precisely, why DC solar systems are revolutionary! The system comes with solar panels, battery, fans, lights, TV, mobile charging – and everything runs of DC! It makes you totally independent from the grid supply.

What is Solar DC System and How Does it Work?

Watch this video to understand the basics of solar DC system and decide for yourself if this is best suited for India.

It is my dream to live in an area surrounded by nature – faw away from cities. Looks like this is a must-have for me. If I install this system, I will not have to worry about electricity connection at all. I will make and use my own free and green electricity. Anyway, coming back to reality – please visit www.sukam-solar.com to buy this system to know more about solar installations.



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