What makes Su-Kam the No.1 Solar Company in India?

Su-Kam has been a fast progressing name when it comes to solar. The company’s success lies in the hard working employees and the faith that they have in the product. At Su-kam, each employee believes in customer satisfaction in the best possible manner. No wonder, Su-Kam keeps launching advanced products to suit the customer needs.

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Mohit Juneja Reveals His ‘Su-Kam Experience’

One of the distributors of Su-Kam, Mohit Juneja is overwhelmed with Su-kam’s progress over the years. He has installed several solar products at schools, offices, petrol pumps, farms, and even houses in recent times. He has been a part of many solar projects in his territory.

Mohit shares his ‘happy moment’ with Su-Kam- “The experience so far has been really great. With each and every installation, I have witnessed something new.

It’s a great feeling to see the client satisfied and also the advanced technology that Su-Kam uses gives it an edge.

In the beginning, I had my apprehensions. But the company has its unique ways to motivate the employees. The employees share a cordial relation with each other which acts as a booster.

With a little encouragement, I went ahead and accepted my first challenge. The response was unbelievable and it kept me going.”

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How Su-Kam Stands out in Solar Market?

Solar market has been flourishing in India for quite some time now. Amidst the existing solar companies, Su-Kam has set a benchmark for itself. It hasn’t been an easy journey but Su-Kam believes in constant improvement. The company works in proximity with its customers and strive to provide the best products in an affordable range.

“We have recently installed Su-Kam solar batteries where customers were already using solar backup. However, they were not satisfied with that company’s solar products. We assured them about Su-kam’s quality and subsequently installed the solar batteries there. Now, they are happy with the product and have developed a trust in Su-kam,” Mohit reveals.

Further, Mohit Juneja and the team has installed a 69 KVA power-backup along with 4 UPS of 15 KVA and 3 UPS of 3 KVA with dry battery at the Indian Army Camp at Sonipat. The quality and service of Su-Kam is much appreciated there.

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Why Mohit is proud of being a Su-kamian?

Mohit finds the work culture of Su-Kam very comfortable. He feels people at Su-Kam are jovial and work in unity.

Su-Kam is my family and all the work here is done in a similar fashion. We discuss things before executing them. I am proud to be associated with a company like Su-Kam that is so welcoming and always brimming with energy. The company officials are very co-operative and are willing to help when required.”

Talking about the company’s MD, Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva, Mohit says –

“They always give importance to company employees. It is due to our MD sir’s ideas that the company is reaching far and wide. He keeps innovating new designs that appeal to the clients. He is really the ‘Solar Man of India’. I am proud to be associated with Su-Kam as a distributor. Su-Kam has transformed me into a successful businessman from a carefree guy. I thank the company for their co-operation at every stage.”



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