Why all Leonardo DiCaprio fans in India should go solar

Leonardo DiCaprio took away our hearts back in 90’s when he starred in the super blockbuster Titanic, and he has done it yet again… His acceptance speech at the Oscars has become the trending topic and all for the right reasons.

Leonardo DiCaprio says, “Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”

We hear you Leo! So we are calling out all Leonado’s fans in India to help keep their heroes words by going solar. Here’s why:

leonardo supports solar

How Electricity Production Contributes to Global Warming and Climate Change

India is world’s third largest producer of Carbon Dioxide – one of the greenhouse gases which is contributing to global warming. Most of this carbon dioxide is released when fossil fuels are burned for electricity. This is detrimental to the health of our environment. Many places in India that do not have reliable grid supply, depend on diesel generators which cause dangerously high level of air and noise pollution. A 10kva generators consumes 10 litres of petrol if it works for 5 hours!

How Can Solar Help

For 1 unit (1 KWh) electricity generated by solar 0.53 kg CO2 emission is reduced.

In 2014, India has consumed around 1272 TWh electricity i.e. 1272*10^9 units.

Consider this: If all energy generated in India was solar, then we would have saved = 1272*10^9*0.53 kg = 650,000,000 tonnes CO2

Installing a 100KW solar power plant is equal to planting 4300 trees!

This is because solar plant will generate clean and green electricity without contributing to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. If it was a conventional coal power plant, then we would need to plant 4300 trees to absorb the CO2 that it would generate.

Remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s words…

“Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”

It is time to support Leo and help our planet by producing clean and green energy. Let’s pledge to go solar! We know that you may have many questions about solar installations. Don’t worry! We have answered most of them on our website www.sukam-solar.com. Visit today to find the cheapest way to go solar.



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