WHY Battery Management System Must Be Used In Off Grid Solar Installations

Does the term ‘Battery Management System’ ring a bell? If you own a battery bank at your home or work place then battery management system is one thing you shouldn’t live without.

Battery management system is a simple, compact and an innovative product introduced by Su-Kam for the first time in India, solely manufactured for your batteries. If you are frustrated with your battery’s reduced life or the money you spend in replacing your old batteries way too frequently then BMS is what you need. If you have a battery bank, that is two or more than two batteries, then you must buy yourself a battery management system. Here is why:

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director of Su-Kam Power Systems limited and his innovative research team came up with this brilliant idea, which became the perfect solution for the problematic decreasing life of batteries when connected in series and used as a battery bank.


In an off grid system that is a standalone solar system, the role of a battery bank is paramount. The batteries will store solar power in them and power your devices when required. The batteries used in such off grid systems are usually rated 12V. Now suppose you have a battery bank of 4 batteries. Let us first understand what happens to these batteries without a battery management system. When we talk about 12V batteries, the maximum voltage these batteries can reach is 14.4V and the minimum being usually set at 10.5V.

Now when your four batteries are charged together as a battery bank with an external charger, some batteries get overcharged and some remain undercharged, in the sense there will be a slight mismatch between all four batteries. This means that while some batteries get charged till 14V some remain at 13.7V or so. With further cycles of charging and discharging this gap will increase. Slowly some will get extremely overcharged reaching a dangerous voltage level of 15V and some extremely undercharged. Because of this fluctuating high and low voltages, your battery will eventually stop giving you the backup you require. And then the battery manufacturer will advise you to buy a new battery and the cycle repeats!

By using BMS you can completely avoid this harmful situation. If you connect your 4 batteries with a battery management system it will ensure that all the batteries charge and discharge at the same voltage level. All batteries will together get charged to 14.4V. BMS will ensure your battery life gets extended by almost 6 months and also saves the excess money you will spend on buying a new battery.

To understand in detail how a BMS works and how to connect it to your battery bank please see this video:



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