Why Hospitals in Tripura are Going Solar?

Of all the places that need 24X7 power supply, hospitals top the list – what can be more important than saving lives!

Hospitals in Tripura were so fed up of unreliable grid supply that they switched to solar.

They run on off-grid solar system so that get uninterrupted power supply independent of the grid.

Hospitals delivering babies in candlelight?

“I remember it was one of the coldest nights of December. A pregnant woman was about to deliver and suddenly the power went for the 4th time during the day. Our inverters died as the batteries couldn’t get charged and we didn’t have enough diesel for generators. We were forced to deliver the baby using candles!”
– a nurse who works at a Government hospital in Tripura

No, this is not a tale from 17th century but It is happening our modern India – in the the north-east state of Tripura and many other places in India, where the power situation has been the same since the last 50 years.

Power Situation in Tripura

In Tripura, the beautiful state in Northeast India, power situation has remained grim. Public health cares, hospitals and hostels are plagued by frequent power cuts. So they have no choice but to depend on costly diesel generators, which create havoc on the fragile eco-system of this hilly region.

How Solar Became the Solution?

In 2014, Su-Kam was commissioned by Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA)to install and maintain a 630 kWp off-grid solar systems at:
• 80 primary health care centres (5kWp each)
• 13 sub-divisional hospitals (10kWp each)
• 4 girls hostel and district hospitals (25kWp each)

off-grid-solar solar_powered_hospital solar-panels-hospitals-rooftop

About the Off-grid Solar Power Project

The cumulative capacity of the solar plants is 630kWp.

Su-Kam was commissioned to do the complete installation and maintenance of the solar systems.

Su-Kam’s team also did complete load segregation and wiring in the buildings.
The electricity generated from the solar panels is stored in the batteries.

When grid supply is not available the load starts running on the stored energy in the batteries.

Spreading Solar Smiles

doctors and nurses - Tripura
Although the Su-Kam team faced many challenges while implementing the project, their diligence and commitment towards their work helped make this project a successful one.

Now, the lives of the people there have become much more comfortable. They do not have to worry about not having electricity during an emergency situation in the hospital. Medical students can also study peacefully.

Solar India = Swacchh Bharat


These hospitals in Tripura are not alone – team Su-Kam is solarizing many homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses but we need your help.

Please share this information with your friends so that we can make more places run on sun!

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