Why Petrol Pumps in India are Going Solar?

How DG sets are at least 5 times expensive than solar?

Earlier, in rural areas power from grid was available for only 8-10 hours in a day, so pump owners had to use DG sets which consume diesel measuring approximately 1.5 litres per hour.

In addition, these DG sets caused a high amount of noise pollution along with carbon emission. Also, DG sets require a lot of maintenance on service that adds to its cost.

In such a scenario, Solar has proved to be a boon. It the long run, it comes out as much cheaper and requires no or low maintenance.

Not only is it cost effective, but an innovative and environment-friendly system. Power supply and DG sets are at least 5 times expensive than solar power sets over its life of 25 years.

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Benefits of Solar over Diesel Gensets for India’s Petrol Pumps

Now a days, Solar energy is the ultimate power solution for pump owners and using this solar technology, Su-kam is all set to light up your lives and pull you out of the darkness. Its benefits can be listed as follows:

1) Eco-friendly: It is free from all kinds of carbon emission.
2) Noise free: Contrary to the DG sets, it doesn’t cause any noise.
3) Cheaper: One DG set costs Rs. 16-17 per unit but Solar set can be installed at Rs. 7-8 per unit.
4) No more power cuts: With solarisation, you no longer have to worry about power cuts. It ensures 24 hours power supply.
5) Payback period: The initial cost of the entire system recovers its cost in approximately 2-3 years.
6) Income tax benefit: One can get around 80% depreciation benefit in the first year of its installation.





Solar Panel and Inverter Capacity You need for Petrol Pumps

Su-kam talked to several dealers to know their opinions on solar power benefits.

Sukam solar dealer

One of them, Shubham Gupta, shared his experience with us, “I am also the dealer of Indian Oil at Rohtak and

I have installed 3KW panels on 7.5 KW inverter.

The total load of petrol pump with 3 Nozzles and canopy lights is on solar set at present.

I observed there is no need of DG set on petrol pumps if you are having a solar power system instead. I am very happy to see that after solar powering, my electricity bill has reduced considerably from Rs. 8000-9000 per month to Rs. 2000-3000 per month.

My total investment on solar system was approximately Rs. 4 to 4.5 lakhs and my payback period was 1.5 years.”
So, going solar is the best thing to do in present times.



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