Why Solar Street Lights With Built-In Lithium Ion Batteries Are Best For India?

Most of us have heard our grandfathers saying that there was a time when they used to study in street lights. It just not our grandfathers. The legend has it that Mr. Abraham Lincoln used to read under street lights. Street lights serve many purposes – not just offering a place to study. Street lights help make us feel safe – they offer protection from crime and also from accidents as they make roads safe for driving. However, it is sad that there are many areas in India that do not have street lights.

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One possible reason why India lacks adequate street lighting is because of the cost involved. The other reason being that there is shortage of electricity anyway. But what if we had fully functional long lasting street lights, with minimum maintenance, low costs, and better lighting in India? And what if we could entirely eliminate the use of electricity and simply power our street lights through solar energy?

Off-grid solar street lights are perfect for India because they are not dependent on grid supply. They can continue working even during powercuts or in remote areas where grid supply is unavailable. Conventional solar street lights have a battery box where Lead Acid battery is kept. Battery stores the solar energy and powers street lights at night.

4 Things That Are Wrong with conventional solar street lights:

1. LA batteries that are used in conventional solar street lights are costly devices. They essentially had to put in a box and attached on the bottom of pole of the street light not very far from ground level. This resulted in frequent thefts and damage. Seriously! There have been many cases in India where batteries of solar street lights were stolen!

2. LA batteries were connected to the solar panel and LED lights with a long cable; this made the installation process complex and resulted in losses. Longer wire = more losses.

3. LA batteries being wet batteries needed frequent replenishment making overall maintenance a tedious procedure.

4. LA batteries being bulky and large require a longer time to get charged and also give less back up.

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The Solution: Latest Technology Based Solar Street Lights with Built-in Lithium ion batteries

Technology is really the answer to many of our problems. Solar street lights are no different. Now solar street lights have in-built lithium – ion batteries. These batteries are non-aqueous nearly half the weight of LA batteries and also get charged faster.

4 Things about Solar Street Lights with Lithium-Ion Battery that makes them Perfect for India:

1) Hard to steal: The Lithium ion battery is in-built. It is fixed inside the LED far up the pole making it safe from potential thefts.

2) Less Losses: LA batteries were connected to the solar panel and LED lights with a cable; this makes the installation process complex and results in losses. While in the case of lithium ion batteries these losses are greatly reduced due to the battery being in close proximity of LED lights and solar panels.

3) Maintenance Free: Lithium ion batteries do not need water-topping! They are non-aqueous, light in weight, long lasting. Plug and forget.

4) Quick Charging, More Backup: Lithium ion batteries get charged in a humble 5 hours’ time frame and last almost 13 hours.


Where to find solar street light with Lithium-Ion battery?

Su-Kam has made the best solar street lighting solution for India. Its street lights, Sunway, are available in different sizes specifications. They have in-built lithium-ion battery, and can even work in cloudy weather.

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