Is Congo Looking up to India for Solar?


The Ambassador of The Democratic Republic of Congo visits Su-Kam

Recently two eminent people –

Mr. Francois Balumuene (  The Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo in India)

Mr. Kosongo Musenga( Second Counsellor of the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo)

– visited Su-Kam’s head office in Gurgaon.

suka- team-with-congo-ambassador

Why This Visit?

Their visit comes at a strategic time when our modern world is hugely dependent on electricity for its existence and alternate source of energy like solar energy is booming.

In electricity starved Congo, only 7% of the population has access to electricity.

People are dependent on inverters and alternate source of power.

This is where Su-Kam comes in the picture. Adjudged as the ‘most trusted brand of Africa,’ Su-kam has a strong presence in the continent.

Su-Kam has a foothold in

• Nigeria
• Uganda
• Rwanda
• Senegal
• Burkina Farso
• Gambia
• Ghana
• DR Congo
• Tanzania

The list continues……

Congo Ambassador Visits Su-Kam R&D center

sukam solar



Mr. Balumuene and Mr. Kosongo also visited Su-Kam’s R&D center.

Su-kam is the first company in the industry to institute a separate R&D centre. It is also the only one to be recognized by the Department of Science and Industrial Research.

At the R&D centre the guests were introduced to some innovative products that are a brainchild of Su-Kam’s expert team of engineers.
A few products they took particular interest in were;

• Brainy Solar UPS
• Falcon+
• Electroscopy
• MPPT Solar PCU
• DC system

The guests with Su-Kam's Managing Director, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev

The guests with Su-Kam’s Managing Director, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev

Congo-Ambassador-visits-sukam Congo-solar-sukam  kanav-sachdev-with-ambassador solar-in-congo

The guests also had a lunch meeting with Su-Kam’s Managing Director, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. They were pleased with Su-Kam’s range of products.

They also acknowledged Su-Kam’s efforts in lighting up rural areas in Africa through solar energy.

The gentlemen had a vibrant discussion around the possibilities of using some of these products for schools and hospitals in Congo to start with.




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