Why This Karnal Family Runs Air-Conditioners on Solar to Save Money

Electricity bills pinch most during summer when we run air conditioners and coolers to fight the scorching summer heat.

This family in Assandh, Karnal wanted to run their air conditioner without worrying about power bills.

So they approached Su-Kam’s dealer Suraj Lather proprietor of S2M Enterprises for the best solar package.

He wanted to run his 1.5 ton ac of 1500 watt along with lights, fans and other kitchen electrical equipment.

Following is the detailed description of the solar system set up at the house

Technical Specifications:

No more steep electricity bills

Earlier the electricity bill was around Rs 15,000 per month. Now with solar he is running his air conditioner and lights and fans completely on solar energy.

Owner installs solar plant at his shop

Seeing the many benefits of solar the house owner has installed a solar plant at his shop too.

The fans and tube lights in his shop are powered by solar energy during the day. After sunset his shop is brightened by the energy stored in batteries.

Technical specifications:

The entire set up cost approximately Rs. 4 lacs. This will be easily recovered in about 3 years.

To start your solar journey contact Mr. Suraj Lather proprietor of S2M Enterprises by dialling 08059-51-0099.

Got Questions About Solar?

If you are wondering which kind of solar solution is right for you, then please visit www.sukam-solar.com . You will find answers to all your questions here.



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