Why This Petrol Pump in Ahirori, Uttar Pradesh, Now Runs on Solar Power

Here is an interesting story about how this man decided to install a solar system in his filling station and saved INR 30,000 per month. Solar is truly is a saving grace for one and all. Read more to find out the details:

Why He Chose Solar!

Here is a story about Hari Kishore, who owns a petrol pump ‘Sarita Filling Station’ in Ahirori District, Uttar Pradesh. He was troubled with the fact that there is no electricity available in his area and having to resort to using a diesel generator was costing him too much.

For this filling station, he spent INR 1000 daily on diesel. The price of diesel in Uttar Pradesh is INR 54.38 per liter and is rising every month.


Hari then did his research and found out how people in Uttar Pradesh are turning to solar and getting relief from this frustrating problem. Ahirori district approximately receives 13 hours of day light every day and Hari decided installing a solar system in this area would be perfect.

To turn his petrol pump into a solar powered pump, he contacted Ranjan Singh, Su-Kam’s authorized distributor in Uttar Pradesh. Ranjan has been handling with solar system installations for a while now and after careful inspection of the filling station he gave the following suggestions—

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s Solar PCU– 6.25KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels– 250W- 16 panels
  3. Tubular battery– 150AH – 8 batteries


Units Generated and Load Running

The 4 KW solar panel generates approximately 20 to 22 units per day depending on the weather conditions. The system runs the entire load of the petrol pump that essentially includes 2 fuel dispensers and LED lights of 1.5 KW. The solar system will run two dispensers at one time. Hari is extremely happy seeing his petrol pump turn into a solar powered station.


It is a pleasure to see people really believing in solar power. Su-Kam’s solar PCU is in built with a solar charge controller that makes it the perfect solar system. We are glad to see another happy solar customer in India. Going solar has never been easier.

Mr. Ranjan says, ‘I feel happy and obliged to Su-Kam for giving me this opportunity to make my dream come true. I have always wanted to take up solar power as my primary business and seeing my customers happy and satisfied gives me a lot of joy. Su-Kam is India’s number one solar brand we hope to achieve heights together.’


To know how a solar PCU works please click on this link and watch an interesting video:


For further details, please feel free to contact-

Mr. Ranjan Singh (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor)- 09415149339

Contact the customer on the following-

Name- Hari Kishore Gupta

Address- Sarita Filling Station- Bharat Petroleum

District Ahirori


Uttar Pradesh




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