Why this petrol pump in Pune gets 0 electricity bill?

Petrol pumps in Pune are bidding goodbye to exorbitant electricity bills because they have found a novel way of increasing profit and preserving Mother Nature. Solar energy has become a one-stop solution for all power problems.

With the solar bug spreading boundlessly in the Indian subcontinent, how can Pune the “Queen of the Deccan” fall behind.

Petrol pumps in Pune run on solar energy

Here’s an example of a petrol pump in Ahmednagar, 50 km from Pune, Maharashtra that has installed a 10 KW solar system on its rooftop and is now reaping the seamless benefits of solar.

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Before going solar the petrol pump was consuming 80-90 units of electricity per day. This was proving to be very expensive for the owner. Since the time he installed solar the electricity consumption has gone down to a whopping 0 units. His petrol pump is running completely on solar energy and is even giving backup after sunset and at night. So now his business has become grid independent.

Technical specification:

40 solar panels of 250 watt each

15 tall tubular batteries of 180 Ah

3 KW Colossal high capacity inverter

40 ampere Solar charge controller

MPPT solar charge controller


The entire set up cost approximately Rs. 8 lakh which the owner will recover in about 4 years.

Su-Kam’s partner Mr. Bhujang Tanpure owner of Tanpure Sales has installed the solar system at this petrol pump in Ahmednagar. He has installed similar solar systems in two other petrol pumps near Pune. He gets numerous enquiries every day and has business owners and home owners waiting in line to install solar. Dial 09890022101 or 09921601101 to reach Bhujang Tanpure and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today.

Demand for solar has skyrocketed in the past few years, and why shouldn’t it, when customers have much to gain and nothing to lose.

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