Why Your Home Inverter Must Have Automatic Bypass Feature

Have you ever noticed that when there is a fault in your home inverter, you are forced to live in dark? There is electricity coming from mains i.e. there is no power-cut, and all other houses in your neighborhood are enjoying the electrical appliance but you have to wait for an electrician to arrive to fix the problem. Don’t you think it is super inconvenient and unfair? Have you ever wondered why this happens? We’ll answer this for you in this blog.

Why Your Inverter Creates Powercut-like Situation for You?

When an inverter is installed in your house, your mains are also drawn through the the inverter. The reason is obvious – the UPS/inverter has to be connected to electrical equipment through mains otherwise how will it power them in situation of power-cut.

Now as the mains are being drawn via the inverter, if the inverter encounters some problem it will not let you have power from the mains. Power-cut or no power-cut – you will have to witness a blackout because of the faulty inverter.

Your only option will be to wait for the inverter company’s service team or your local electrician to arrive. But what if it happens in peak summers in the middle of night and your child has an exam the next day or you have an important interview/meeting lined up? You’ll have to compromise on your sleep. Until our inverter gets fully repaired you will have no access to electricity.

What is the Solution to this Problem Created by Your Inverter?

You should buy an inverter that has ‘automatic bypass switch’. This means that it can bypass itself and get you electricity straight from the mains. While it is getting repaired you can enjoy the comfort that electrical appliance provide. Isn’t that great!Screenshot from 2015-11-01 14_40_10

Which Inverter in India has Automatic Bypass Feature?

While some high capacity UPS in Indian market come with Automatic Bypass feature, not many home inverters have it. We, at Su-Kam, quickly realized the problem and launched India’s best home solar inverter (technically home UPS) with Automatic Bypass.

When the inverter goes through some technical error, it will automatically bypass itself to get you power directly from the mains. And our service team will reach your place within 24 hours to fix the the UPS.

Wow! This does make your life more comfortable, right? Well, this is our aim at Su-Kam. Our engineers, researchers and scientists who work at Su-Kam’s R and D are dedicated to come up with innovations that are useful for you.

Now that you know about this awesome feature about Falcon plus, you must get to know about it and buy it right now! It is packed with even more amazing feature. After all, Falcon plus is called best home UPS for a reason!

Watch this video to learn how bypass works:

 Get Falcon plus for your home right now:

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