Win Prizes: Share Pics of Your Solar Installations

Su-Kam is not considered to be India’s best solar company for no reason. Its channel partners have been solarizing our Bharat in every possible way – from installation of Su-Kam’s DC system in a small village in Haryana to running  entire office buildings on solar – our dealers and distributers are helping India run on green energy using sukam’s varied solar products.

Beatiful Solar Installation

We have decided to reward our channel partners for working to make our founder Kunwer Sachdev’s dream, to see every Indian house running on solar, true. If you are dealer/distributer of Su-Kam, you can win prizes for sharing pictures of your solar installations on Su-Kam community on Facebook

The contest is only open to people who have done solar installations using Su-Kam’s solar products

How to Enter the ‘Best Solar Installation of the Month’ Contest

Join Su-Kam Community on Facebook if you haven’t already.

Post pictures of solar installations that you have done with a small description to tell us some details about the installation

Keep looking on Su-Kam community if your picture won ‘Best Solar Installation of the Month’

Your prizes will be delivered to you within 10 days if you are the winner

If you don’t win then keep trying and post more awesome pictures of your installation

Solar Installation Award

How Will ‘Best Solar Installation of the Week’ Be Judged?

Our team will look for the best pictures based on how good the pictures look so you need to have a good camera to click this. We will also give extra marks to installation that shows living beings in it – humans, animals or children. Human touch will make the picture look great!

This is a Monthly contest which will start on 1st of every month and end on last day of every month. Winners will be declared next day .

What Kind of Prizes Can You Win?

You can win many prizes which will vary every month. Prizes may include movie tickets, dinner in 5-star restaurants, Su-Kam’s t-shirts and other goodies.

Please note that this contest is only open to Su-Kam’s dealers and distributers. If you wish to become our channel partner for solar then please contact us on or call us on +91 9643702335

solar man

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