Winning customers,winning fans – who else but Su-Kam

It is difficult, impossible even, to keep everyone happy all the time. But Su-Kam has managed to pull of the impossible. Not only is it a company, that has managed to woo many customers all over, it has also retained them with its excellent service & technical support. Furthermore, it’s not just the brand’s customers that are a satisfied lot. Even the company’s dealers and suppliers are an inspired group of people, who swear allegiance to their beloved brand! It is a remarkable and rare achievement for any company, and something that Su-Kam is mighty proud about, understandably.

In fact, there is so much evidence of the goodwill that Su-Kam enjoys, both amongst its customers and business partners alike, that there is an entire section on the company’s website, that contains countless testimonials from satisfied customers. It is this faith in its products and service, and the confidence Su-Kam solicits in its patrons, that the company continues to bring in newer and larger numbers of customers into its fold. Talk to anyone among friends and family, and chances are, there will be a happy Su-Kam customer among them!

People far & wide have adopted Su-Kam’s power back-up products. Their inverters, home UPS systems, and many other power back-up products have found permanent patronage across the country. If on the one hand there’s a happy Su-Kam customer in Mr. Paritosh Mahapatra from Kolkata in West Bengal, then on the other hand, there is another satisfied Su-Kam patron in Mr. Dharmendra Kumar from Hissar in Haryana. Then there is a Su-Kam user Mr. Narendra Tyagi from Gautam Budha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, and then again, there is a company like MSEDCL from Jalana in Maharashtra, that has been using Su-Kam for many years

Su-Kam machines, be it their inverters, UPS systems, batteries or other devices; have come to be quality, performance, and technology benchmarks. Add great purchasing prices and frugal running costs, and they also offer extremely charming value for money propositions, unlike any other product in its category. Hence the strong patronage from people like Mr. Pankaj Mittal & Mr. Sunil S from New Delhi, Mr. Imran Mirza from Kolkata, Mr. Manoj Pandey from Ghaziabad, Mr. Sonam Shyam from Dehra Dun and Mr. Trilochan Singh from Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. They are just a few more examples of real Su-Kam customers, that are fully satisfied with their respective Su-Kam products.

All these people have one big fact in common – they are Su-Kam customers, who have become & remain, Su-Kam fans!




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