Woah! Company in Haryana Installs 100 KVA Grid tie Solar System. But Why? The Reason Makes Sense

Recently a reputed company ‘Multivent Engineers’ located in Manakpur industrial area Yamunanagar solarize its running load of about 100KW by installing Su-Kam’s grid tie inverters and solar panels. This massive solar installation was a major success and helped to significantly reduce the company’s monthly electricity bill. Here’s how.



Multivent Engineers a company established in 2005 is primarily a supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of industrial equipment’s like centrifugal fans, blowers, dust collector etc. They require electricity 24*7 to run their equipment and carry on day to day procedures.

Before they solarized their load, the company faced a heavy monthly electricity bill. Yamunanagar is a city located in Haryana state of India that receives ample amount of sunlight throughout the year. Utilizing solar power in such areas can prove to be highly beneficial. Keeping this in mind Mr. Pawan Dhiman, contacted Mr. Hawinder, Su-Kam’s diamond distributer from Solarium solar power systems Ludhiyana.


Mr. Harwinder has been Su-Kam’s loyal distributer for over 2 years and has carried out a number of installations in his area. He has recently opened up another outlet in Yamunanagar. After being contacted by Mr. Pawan Dhiman, he went ahead with the site inspection and other regular procedures.

He found out that the company wanted to install a solar system for 100KW of running load. And so he suggested for the following system to be installed-


  1. Su-Kam’s Grid Tie Inverters – 3KVA (30 in number)
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 100KW (250W/24V – 400 in number)


The company wanted to run their usual load through solar during the working days and when on the days when the company has a weekly off or when the load is not running, the excess solar power should be fed back to the grid and the money is slowly recovered.


Being located in an area with an attractive net metering policy, installing a grid tie system in their company was a great idea.

Grid tie inverters work in two modes of operations. One is when the power generated from the inverter is used to run load this type of power is called Reactive Power. On the other hand when the power generated is not used to run load. This type of load is called Active Power.

This active power is fed back to the grid.

Su-Kam’s grid tie inverters are in built with MPPT technology that guarantees 97% efficiency. The system installed in Multivent Engineers generates about 400 to 450 units per day.

The installation was a major success and helped the company run its load entirely on solar.

If you want to understand how a grid tie inverter is installed please click on this link –

For further details please contact –

Mr. Harwinder (Solarium Solar Power Systems) – 09779790007

The customer can be contacted on the following address:

Address: HSIIDC Manakpur Industrial Area, Sector 30-A, Haryana 135003, India

Phone: +91 1735 286 128

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