Woah! Ever heard of an automatic solar panel cleaning mechanism?

In the world full of inventions, the fun has just begun. In order to make life a little easier, a lot of experiments and research is being done to come up with some great and usable solutions. To start with, solar industry is on the rise these days and with that, solar innovations can never take a back seat!

So recently, Sukamians found an apt solution for the most common issue that people were facing. Installing solar panels is fine but cleaning them is an altogether different task.

A great solution to clean the solar panels:

They have now devised an automatic mechanism which will enable the users to keep the solar panels clean all the time. This is especially useful for people with rooftop solar installations where panels are mostly installed out of the reach of the customers, thereby making cleaning a major issue.

Mr Anshul, a distributor with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited says, “This mechanism is the best solution in today’s time to keep the panels clean and fully functional. Also, it must be noted that this is not a pre-designed mechanism; it is designed according to the customer’s needs and therefore requires a good amount of efforts. But the results are amazing!”

Installation at Geetanshi Enterprises, Agra:

Recently, Mr Anshul installed a single unit automatic solar panel cleaning mechanism at a solar distributor’s place. This distributor named Geetanshi Enterprises in Agra decided to install a fully auto-cleaning mechanism so as to overcome the hassle of manually cleaning the panels before each installation.

The cost of designing this mechanism comes around 4500 INR for each 1KW solar panel system, however higher the capacity, cheaper would be the cost of designing and installing the cleaning mechanism.

No more worries with solar:

Dial 09457473285 to reach Mr Anshul, who spearheads installations in and around Mathura city or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.

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