Woah! This man did an adequate research on solar:

After successfully helping businesses and banks in making huge savings, solar is now trending in homes and schools as well. In a country like India where innumerable villages are still lurking in darkness, solar is a blessing.

It is indeed amazing to see how people are becoming aware about the benefits of solar. About 8 years ago, a solar enthusiast left no stone unturned to discover the best quality solar products to get rid of his power related grievances once and for all.


Results of an elaborate research on solar:

Intrigued by the benefits of solar, Deepak, a resident of Bangalore, decided to be the change. But he wanted to understand how solar works and will it really help him in reducing the high amounting electricity bills. So he decided to do a proper research before installing solar at his home.

He went ahead and read every blog that he came across. He read popular reviews on online portals and did a market survey too. Finally, he realized that Su-Kam Power Systems Limited is by far the best in solar products. Also, they make use of the advanced technology that makes their products stand out in the market.

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Solar at a home in Bangalore:

As per the results of his research, Deepak decided to install Su-Kam’s solar products. He got in touch with Radiant Technologies – a trusted channel partner with Su-Kam for solar to get the installation done. He was still a little dicey though. So, initially he started with installing just 2 solar panels to see if it works in any way. In addition, he installed a battery and a UPS from Su-Kam too. What followed next was indeed a pleasant surprise for him and his family!

The bills reduced considerably within 15 days of the installation. “I was delighted to see the first bill after the installation and showed it to all my relatives and friends. They were as surprised as me and asked me to recommend a solution for them too,” Deepak says proudly.

Technical Specifications:

Bill reduced, savings added:

Earlier the bill came around Rs. 1800 per month, and now it amounts to just Rs. 800 per month. It generates about 2 to 2.5 units per day, thus, adding to the savings. The family is thus quite satisfied with the results and now proudly recommends Su-Kam’s solar products to everyone. Incredibly, in the past 8 years, these products are running without any major hurdle. That means, they required no maintenance throughout these years. Isn’t that great?

Say ‘no’ to worries with solar:

Dial 09845216865 to reach Mr Arun Kumar who is a trusted channel partner of Su-Kam for solar or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.

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