Women find growth opportunities with this solar company!


The pioneer in solar, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited has always been known for setting out benchmarks. It has earned a name for itself over the decades and it’s continuing to be a trendsetter.

Equal Opportunities to Grow

The company has a dedicated Research and Development Unit which works extensively to design personalised solutions to all the power related worries. Also, the workforce at Su-Kam is gender neutral; women work along with men to take the company ahead. Su-Kam has never differentiated between technical and non-technical people. It has given equal opportunities to people belonging to both the categories, as long as they are willing to work and learn.


The company’s MD Kunwer Sachdeva believes that every person has got a talent and it must be nurtured. Following the same philosophy, the North Eastern branch of Su-Kam consists of women employees who work as efficiently as the men folk and are all praises for the company.

Women Employees at Su-Kam, NE

Su-Kam North East branch has a good number of women employees who have been working there for several years now. These women confidently talk about solar panels, inverters and batteries and nowhere falter in their knowledge of the products developed by the company. Their fetish to learn has given them wings to fly and confidence to tread the male-dominated path with equal zeal.

Sarita who has completed almost six and a half years with Su-Kam started off as a Manager. She is now a DGM and is overwhelmed with the support and encouragement that she got throughout her journey with the company. She joined in July 2009 and was a secretary back then. Then in August 2014, she was shifted to Services and was given responsibility for the entire east India ranging from Bihar to Assam. This gave her a great hands on learning experience.


In a nostalgic mood, she says, “Kunwer sir took a great deal of risk with me. I had no technical knowledge, my experience was solely secretarial in nature. Yet he was somehow sure that I can grow with Su-Kam. I knew the top 100 distributers of Pan India at that time and that acted in my favour. Sir showed full faith in me and then, there was no looking back after that.”

Before becoming a DGM, she was shifted to sales in July 2015. This job profile gave her the opportunity to travel a lot. “Now, I am not afraid of anything because I have travelled so much and seen a lot. In fact, I enjoy my job and building relations has always been my interests so travelling aids that.”

Madhu Rema, a trainee in Sales department has completed 3 months with Su-Kam and after facing a little difficultly during initial days, she is now having a good time with the company. She feels that the colleagues are very supportive and Kunwer sir is approachable. She also credits Sarita mam for guiding her through the starting days.


She shares her experience with Su-Kam, “The only problem here is that Guwahati is not safe after 6 PM for girls. So being a working girl and that too in sales is challenging. But Kunwer sir made sure that we don’t travel alone to ensure safety.”

Solar and Su-Kam go hand in hand

Solar is globally trending and India is all set to witness a revolution as it moves towards making the solar dream a reality! With PM Modi’s vision of 50 solar cities, the D-Day is nearing. Under MD Kunwer Sachdeva’s brilliant leadership, Su-Kam is taking along women and men to light up the entire India while emancipating the women folk who were initially marginalised.


So what are you waiting for? Go solar with Su-Kam. Call us on 1800-102-7555.

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