Women’s Day Special: These Indian Women Talk, Create and Sell Solar

Happy Women’s Day! On this great occasion, we bring to you short stories of women to help drive Su-Kam’s solar business in India. Inverters, Batteries, solar panels, charge controller, off-grid, on -grid doesn’t sound too girly, does it? But these women in Su-Kam can talk hours about these subjects! Let’s introduce you to them…

Chandani, Babita and Prachi – We Love Making Solar Products!

Women can be great employees if only the work environment is good. So here at Su-Kam they share their experiences.


Chandani has been working in Su-Kam’s Research and Development wing for the past 3 years. She has played a major contribution in creating solar charge controllers, solar PCU, solar inverters and many other solar products. She joined Su-Kam after completing her M-tech from the coveted engineering institute – BITS Pilani.

“I think that solar power is not the future anymore. It is very much present. I am so happy that the solar products that we are making are helping people all over the world – from lighting a small house in a remote village in UP or Gambia, to powering entire office buildings. I feel very good to be a part of it.”

Her message for other women:

Don’t be afraid to try new things and challenge societal norms. A woman doesn’t necessarily have to become a doctor or a teacher. Realize what you like and then pursue it. You will find support along the way.

Women do understand technical stuff and can make a name for themselves here.


An IIT graduate, Prachi, has taught electronics to college students before joining Su-Kam. Here is involved in development of many innovative solar products.

“It is truly a rewarding experience to work on solar products that have never been created in India before. I get a feeling as if I am making a contribution towards my country because technology benefits everyone.”

Her message for other women:

“Try to make friends with Math and Science. These are very interesting subjects which have been dominated by males, but that shouldn’t scare you away. Women can be great at Science and technology because most of us are hard-working, sincere and dedicated by nature.”


Babita is working on something so technical that we can’t even begin to explain. She works on designing PCB boards which are one of the main components of inverters.

“I love working at R&D department at Su-Kam because we are always creating new technologies. The work is very exciting.”

Her message to other women:

“Don’t dismiss a task just because it seems complex. There is a solution to most of the problems. Try to work that out.”

Babita shares her journey with Su-Kam.

Renu – I help Manufacture Solar

After the research team has created the design for a solar product, it needs to be manufactures. Ms. Renu Kaul does the daunting task of purchasing raw material so that it can be manufactured.

“I am phone most of the time; I talk to at least 50 different vendors daily. Initially, they were surprised that a woman is doing such an important thing for a big company like Su-Kam. But now I have been doing this for over a decade so they are used to it.”

Her message to other women:

Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do. You are capable of doing so many things that you don’t even realize. So when the right opportunity comes give your 100% to prove your worth!

Meenakshi and Asha – We sell solar


Meenakshi and Asha are responsible for interacting with Su-Kam’s thousands of dealers and distributers and making sure that they get the solar products.

G:\asha verma.jpg

“We are not technical people so it was challenging in the beginning. However, people at Su-Kam are very supportive. We have to talk to hundreds of channel partners on a daily basis and it is tough at times, but is equally rewarding.”

Nandini – I love talking about Solar

Nandini - Su-Kam's Femal Employee Working on Solar

Nandini is one of the youngest employees of Su-Kam. She is an electrical engineer and works at Su-Kam’s R&D facility.

“I love my job because I make videos (with the help of my team) that make our products interesting for everyone. I was very happy to know that the MD of Su-Kam, Kunwer Sachdev wanted to make technology interesting for common people. I have worked on many videos where I explain technical concepts. Check them out on our youtube

Here’s a big salute to the girl power at Su-Kam.



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