Work Like you Live it!… Work Culture at Su-Kam


“A work culture that celebrates professionalism, fosters teamwork, nurtures talent and provides ample opportunities for growth while maintaining a healthy work – life balance.”

At Su-Kam, these thoughts cascade down to action providing a conducive organisational culture where employees are happy and motivated to work hard and stay with the business. Su-Kam’s  work culture  encourages its people to connect, communicate and celebrate the essence of life along with work. The idea is to make Su-kam a home away from home.

With thousands of skilled professionals on board, Su-kam chalks out progressive career paths for all employees and promotes customer focus, strong work ethics, operational transparency and teamwork.

Su-kam believes in a feedback-oriented culture for continuous improvement. This is done through regular employee surveys, which garner feedback from all stakeholders involved to achieve process improvements.  

“Work, fun, progress”… This is Life at Su-Kam.



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