World’s First Touchscreen Solar PCU installed in Noida

This residence in Noida’s sector 119 was getting exorbitant electricity bills. The bill was as high as Rs 10,000 per month.

The house owner had heard a lot about the seamless benefits of solar so he decided to get one of his own. He contacted Su-Kam’s distributor K.S. Distribution based in New Delhi to install a solar system suited for his needs.

Technical specifications:

Su-Kam’s Brainy Touch – World’s First Touch Screen PCU

Brainy Touch undertakes optimum utilisation of solar energy and progressively runs household appliances, empowering users to save on their electricity cost.

The product can be monitored with a smartphone through its built-in WiFi to seamlessly control the product. Moreover, it can also be monitored on-the-go, via a specific free app ‘Solar PCU Monitor’.

Solar is a wise investment

The customer is jubilant with his investment. He is seeing a reduction of 70% in his electricity bill. Isn’t this amazing!

Moreover, Brainy Touch is super user-friendly, he can not only see solar energy generation on an hourly basis but also calculate the huge savings he is making.

This has definitely proved to be his best buy ever!

The total cost of the system was approximately Rs 1.8 lakhs which the customer will easily recover within 2-3 years. After that the customer will not be spending a single penny on electricity.

To get the best solar system as per your requirement get in touch with K.S. Distribution by dialling 08506086074.



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