World’s Largest 100KVA Solar Inverter and How to Install It With Batteries and Panels

Have you seen world’s largest solar inverter yet? Yes, this solar inverter is 100KVA! You can run a large amount of electrical load on this solar inverter. It can run lifts, petrol pumps, cinema halls, shopping malls, colleges etc. When we say that we have got solar solutions for everyone, everywhere, we mean it. This massive solar inverter can be connected to a large battery bank and solar panels and make you go completely off the grid (if you like) or can be used with the grid supply. It is our pleasure to say that world’s largest solar PCU is 100% ‘Made in India’ by Su-Kam.

Wondering how this solar inverter works? How many panels or batteries should be installed? How wire everything? We have answers to all your questions about solar installation. We have made this detailed animated videos to explain step-by-step the procedure of installing this big solar inverter. Please watch the video and let us know if you found it helpful.




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