Wow! 24×7 power supply for this Police Station at Hardoi, UP!

Solar energy is trending in India majorly because of its accessibility and affordability. Uttar Pradesh has been facing the power crunch for years now, therefore sun is a blessing for the region. It generates clean, green, and renewable electricity that is absolutely maintenance free.


Why this police station went solar?

Situated in Pali at Hardoi Distt. in Uttar Pradesh, this police station had no power supply. The policemen had problems in managing the work due to this power shortage. Presently, it only has 6-8 hours of current availability which was obviously hampering their administration.


They needed a 24×7 power supply. But the expenditure on diesel for generator was causing a havoc. In order to save the costing of diesel, they wanted a cheaper source of electricity generation. Then, they contacted Mr. Ranjan Singh, a trusted distributer with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited.

Mr. Ranjan Singh understood their requirement and consequently, installed this 2.5KVA solar system to fulfill their power needs.


Technical Specifications:


Massive Solar Savings for the Police Station:

This entire installation was successfully done in Rs. 2.65 lakhs. It is saving diesel cost of Rs. 500-700 per day and the policemen are now very happy and satisfied. It also receives a 24×7 electricity supply along with generating 25-30 units per day. It implies to a saving of Rs. 200-240 on a daily basis, which will add up to Rs. 72000-86400 per annum.

solar at police station

Go solar and see the difference:

Dial 09415149339 to reach Ranjan Singh or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.


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