WOW! 90 V charging? This inverter works even when voltage is as low as 90V

Have you heard people complaining that sometimes even though mains is available in their area, but their inverter doesn’t charge the batteries?!

Yes, that happens and it is one of the most common concerns of people owning normal inverters. If you have faced such a problem you need not to worry because there now exists an inverter that will charge your battery at a voltage as low as 90V!

Watch this short video to understand how it works:

Usually the mains supply that we get at our houses is at a voltage range of 220-230V AC. At this range, an inverter charges a basic 150AH battery by 15Amp.

How does this happen?

We can calculate the charging current of a battery by a simple formula C/10 – where C is your battery capacity. In this case its 150. So if you divide 150 by 10 we get 15.

So a 150AH battery should ideally be charged by 15amp. If you have a 120AH battery then apply the same formula. A 120AH battery would require 12Amp of charge.

The normal 220-230V main supply range can vary from places to places. Some areas in small towns, cities and villages face low voltage fluctuations in which the mains supply ranges from 120V to 140V. At 140V mains supply, a normal inverter would charge the batteries by approximately 7Amps.

Problems of electricity supply persists in small towns and thus, need for solar arises here.

Now if in some area even lower voltage mains supply is available like around 110V or 120V then in this unfortunate case, a normal inverter would charge batteries with a negligible 1.5Amp.

Imagine how much time that will take to charge batteries!

Any input voltage below 110V and a normal inverter would completely stop sensing the mains supply. In such areas even though mains supply is available a normal inverter is not able to sense this low voltage and so they do not charge the connected batteries. Instead they run the load from the back up stored in these batteries.

Seems unfair doesn’t it?

Now do you see how this creates a huge problem? Ultimately your batteries are completely discharged and when there are power cuts or no power supply then you are left with zero back up.

But we are here with some good news!

Su-kam has introduced intelligent inverters which comes with the solution to all your problems. Su-kam’s newly manufactured inverters like Falcon+ charges your batteries at a voltage as low at 90V! Unbelievable right. Falcon+ senses mains supply voltage at 90V and charges your batteries efficiently at around 5Amps.

The good news doesn’t end here.

While a normal inverter charges your batteries with 7amp at 140V input mains supply Falcon+ would charge your 150AH battery with its maximum strength 15amps. At 110V where a normal inverter would charge the batteries at a negligible current of 1.5amp, Falcon+ would charge batteries with strong 12amps. Only at an extremely low input voltage 85V which is almost non-existent does Falcon+ stop sensing mains supply.

This advanced feature is simply sine qua non!! Means it’s indispensable! We just cannot do without it.

Now you need not worry that your batteries are not getting charged. We have your back. All you need to do is to go and order your very own Falcon+ today.

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