Wow! A 1000 Watt solar installation at Haryana village!

Now-a-days many villages are going solar sighting its accessibility in the remotest of areas. Moreover, it is affordable, and sustainable source of electricity generation that can be easily passed on to future generation.

A family residing at Murgi Farm Village, Surjanwas (Mahendergarh), Haryana decided to turn to solar recently.

Solar Haryana

Rooftop solar at Murgi Farm Village, Surjanwas

The high amounting bills and irregular power supply forced this family to live a life of misery. However, to change their terrible situation, they soon realized the advantages that solar has and how easily they can have access to the solar products.

With the help of Vijay Kumar, who spearheads solar installations around Mahendergarh, Haryana for Su-Kam Power Systems Limited this family installed a rooftop solar system to meet their power needs.

Solar Haryana

Technical specification of installation:

The easy Solar Savings:

The initial cost of installation can be easily recovered in a few years and then free electricity can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Also, this electricity is maintenance free and thus, no hidden expenditure is involved.

This installation will now successfully run all the household appliances that the family wants to use. They are overwhelmed as now they can have light 24*7 and the household chores won’t suffer anymore.

Solar Haryana

Go solar and feel the difference:

Dial 09416819141 to reach Vijay Kumar or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.

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