Wow! Bhatinda Family Converted Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter

AtkfKV3dkx9tBNF8UZxI4X0cJpLAP2HH6QEmemnEWJc_A family in Bhatinda was facing problem of power-cuts for a long time and the ordinary inverter wasn’t able to fulfil the backup needs as it failed to charge the battery sufficiently.

It was then that Mr. Makhan Singh, who was a part of Su-kam’s installation team and is the Service Engineer at Su-Kam Power Systems Limited visited them. He cleared their doubts regarding going solar.

The family was under the impression that going solar will cause a huge dent to their pocket. He made them aware about this revolutionary product – Solarcon; that can be paired up with any ordinary inverter and still give benefits of solar. This means Solarcon is not only affordable but also the best solution for overcoming power backup worries.

Now, the family says, “We were pleasantly surprised to know that we can convert our existing inverter into solar inverter. The cost of installing solar panels and Solarcon was very reasonable. So, we didn’t waste any further time and immediately got it installed.”

AkonbHLappUeIMgaVY6YggcOsTaPXsTucAlLpUmCruOVHow can you go solar with a normal inverter?

Aghca6c7RRzkaNOxOm_-zadiA53hB8enhvuzJGHtOHpsSukam’s Solarcon is an intelligent solar charge controller which can be connected to any existing ordinary inverter and battery setup and convert it into a fully equipped solar inverter. Yes, all you need is an inverter, battery and solar panels along with Solarcon (solar charge controller).

It also helps to reduce the whooping electricity bills and increase the battery backup.

How does it work?

A Solarcon can be installed easily with solar panels and then connected to the inverter and battery system to complete the electric circuit. When the sunlight falls on the panels, it gets converted into DC and reaches the battery through the Solarcon.

This Solarcon intelligently decides whether the battery should be charged through solar or the grid. During the day, when sunlight is maximum, Solarcon always gives priority to solar charging. It hugely cuts down on your electricity bills and also ensures that there are no power-cuts. You can also monitor your saving with the LCD rupee saver display. Isn’t it amazing?

Solarcon in Bathinda

This technology has recently reached Phul village in the Bathinda district, where Solarcon of 12v-24v 20 Ampere was installed along with 8 solar panels of 100 watts capacity each. Mr. Makhan Singh says that this technology was installed with the aim of saving money and avoiding power-cuts.

In the words of Mr. Makhan Singh, ‘The idea behind the installation was to reduce carbon footprint as well as the electricity bill. During the day when solar power is generated and the batteries are being charged, this technology disconnects the mains, and powers your house via inverter energy stored in batteries. This means that you take absolutely nothing from the mains supply; thereby having huge savings, both in terms of money as well as energy. So it is a win-win situation for both – the consumer and the environment’.

The family where this Solarcon is installed is happy too. In a short time, they have started seeing the results and are satisfied with the product. Su-kam’s Solarcon harnesses solar energy and generates power to run all the lights, fans, and other equipment of their house.


Why should anyone get Solarcon?

The answer is simple – because it helps save money and is environment friendly. Installing Solarcon and going solar is just a one-time investment with immense long term benefits.

This technology is especially suited for places facing acute power cuts because it charges batteries with solar power when the grid supply is extremely unreliable. With the help of this technology, you can manage electricity like never before.

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  1. Sq.FT Area needed for solar Penal placement on Terrace for generation of say 2 unites ( KWH ) per day consumption of Power. Cost for such system purchase is needed as my average daily Power consumption is around 2 KWH.

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