Wow! Hanuman Temple in Uttar Pradesh is now solar!

Solar installations in India are now acting as game changers. People are now no longer worried due to power cuts, all thanks to the green and clean electricity generated through solar. Sun is a free source of energy and thus, such a resource must be utilized properly.

Now-a-days, even temples are resorting to solar along with homes and businesses. Incredible, isn’t it? Let’s understand how and why this temple in Uttar Pradesh went solar:

solar temple

Solarized Hanuman Temple in Hardoi, UP:

This Hanuman Temple is situated in Teh. Harpalpur district, Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh. There was absolutely no power here. They had approached a lot many solar companies earlier to help them get power for the temple, however, to no accord.

The problem here is caused due to a huge neem tree that blocks the sunlight. They had inverter and battery but since it’s a temple and requires almost a 24×7 electricity supply, the owner who is also an Ex MP, Mr Raghvendra Singh believed solar is the best solution to resolve the problem of power supply here.

solar temple

But so far, he only got disappointed due to the inability of any company to install solar here. Then, finally he reached Mr Ranjan Singh, who is a distributer with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited for almost 5 years now. Mr Ranjan could see the challenges and yet he was determined to overcome it.

Here’s how it was done:

Mr Ranjan Singh analysed the entire situation and then decided to make a specially designed structure that will ensure that the panels are exposed to sunlight, and then the electricity can easily be generated.

solar temple

Mr Ranjan took the help of a pillar and somehow managed to successfully do the installation. The owner Mr Raghvendra Singh is now overwhelmed and immediately gave another project to Mr Ranjan.

Technical Specifications:

24×7 Power Supply at the Temple:

This entire installation was done in Rs. 45,000 and works absolutely fine. On top of it, it is maintenance free and generates 5-6 units per day. The team members with Mr Ranjan Singh are happy with the efforts they put in to lighten up the temple.

solar temple

Now the evening aarti is no longer a trouble for the temple people and the worshippers. Also, 5-6 units per days means 1800 units in an annum. This sums up to savings of Rs 14,400 per year which implies the cost of installation can be recovered in a span of 3-4 years.

Go solar and see the difference:

Dial 09415149339 to reach Ranjan Singh or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.

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