Wow! The Jaipur city is now going solar!

clay craft indiaThe pink city, Jaipur is now on its way to be the solar city of India. The city known for its royal flavour is now generating power through renewable source of energy and setting an example.

cray craft indiaRecently, a 100 KWP Grid-Tie Rooftop Solar PV power plant has been installed at Clay Craft (India) Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur.

Why Clay Craft went solar?

Clay Craft has been doing a great business since 1994. They have created a good reputation for themselves in terms of quality and customer satisfaction over the years. These crockery manufacturers supply fine bone china and ceramic crockery internationally. Their business is thriving in India as well as overseas. Consequently, their power needs are high too. Going solar will thus be beneficial to them in terms of revenue generation.

The solar power plant was recently inaugurated by Minister of State (Energy) Mr. Pushpendra Singh.

Technical Specifications:

The power generated from this solar power system will meet part of Clay Craft’s energy requirements to run heavy machineries like furnaces, printers, air conditioners, computers etc. The surplus energy required will be fulfilled by the energy supplied through the utility. Looking at the benefits of a solar plant, Clay Craft has decided to install another 100 KWP at the same site. Work is already under progress to achieve this target.

Massive Solar Savings at Clay Craft India

The 100 KWP Grid-Tie Rooftop Solar PV power plant will generate approximately 1,40,000 units of electricity, propelling a savings of nearly Rs. 9,10,000 annually. Su-Kam was given the overall responsibility of designing, supplying, testing and commissioning of the solar power plant.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Devinder Kumar, CEO-Solar Projects, said, “We are very pleased to make our first solar installation in Jaipur through this project and look forward to making further contributions with our expertise in solar in other parts of Rajasthan as well. We are looking at making our solar presence felt in homes, offices, institutions like schools, colleges, government buildings, hospitals, commercial establishments etc. in the state.”

100KWp clay craft jaipur

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