Wow! Police Stations in Chandigarh Go Solar and Save Big

AohOqC_dbyhdAC52R1p-P5l7nPt169ivxwp-L5WuJy9sFour police stations situated in Sector 34, 36 and 26 in Chandigarh and Manimajra have decided to act responsible and go solar with the aim of conserving energy and also reducing their electricity bills. This was then made possible because of Su-Kam that helped them install solar power panels of capacity 5 Kw each in a grid-tie set up.

Grid-tie solar connection, also known as on-grid, works in connection with the main grid. It offers the advantage of running load directly through solar and selling excess solar power back to the electricity company by feeding the grid. Through this system, the solar panel converts sun’s energy to DC power, which in turn is converted to AqoyuILfqv5KBdR4IQPnnF9NS_lOBQkEvP9o_tkEP1XiAC power by the Grid-tie inverter. This system comes with a special meter for net metering, which records how much electricity you consume and how much is sent back to the grid.

This method was adopted keeping in mind the amount of electricity used by them, which is obviously much higher during the day.

A similar project by Su-kam is running successfully at the Punjab Engineering College, where solar grid-tie of 1.3 MW has been installed and saving crores for the college.

What inspired them to go solar?

The idea behind going solar was to switch to a cleaner and greener source of energy, which would not only help them save earth’s resources but also their money; and solar energy, as we all know practically eliminates electricity bill for good. So, it was just a one-time investment for a guilt-free, bill-free future.

Time for every public and private enterprise to go green

Solar for Police Station in Punjab

Solar for Police Station in Punjab

The solarification of these police stations have paved way for many such projects in future. The fact that this system is not only eco-friendly and also economical will encourage many government and private companies to make the necessary switch to cleaner and greener solar energy.

This solar power system has the potential of saving up to Rs. 3000 per day as in police stations consumes a lot of electricity thanks to air-conditioners and computers besides the usual fan, tube lights and bulbs. Imagine the amount of money we, the taxpayers, will save if every state and centre owned enterprise goes solar!

Mr. Rohit, from Su-kam, who was a part of the team that did the installation there said “Chandigarh does not face the problem of severe power cuts, and the state supply of electricity here is good too, but the desire to go green and save money at the same time is a big incentive for people to go from conventional to solar”. With the recent statistics showing that renewable energy sector grew by 18% per annum across the globe in the last few years, the entire world seems to agree to this.

The future of solar energy looks bright and Su-Kam’s varied range of solar products are perfect to suit the needs of every Indian.




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