Wow! This Water Pump in a Farm in Gujarat Runs on Solar. Learn How:


Why Did He Opt for Solar Power?

This story is about Hardik Patel, who owns a farmhouse in Bhatpore Gam city located in Surat, Gujarat. The area where this farmhouse is located has no power lines. And people have resorted to using diesel generators which we all know are very expensive. Hardik Patel too faced this problem. His farmhouse included Mango and vegetable fields.


And because the crops had to be watered and the load needed to be run 24/7, he couldn’t do without a constant reliable power supply. But because of the lack of electricity and the rising expenses of diesel, Hardik decided it was best for him to turn to solar. Gujarat approximately receives 13 hours and 20 minutes of day light every day. Installing a solar system here would prove to be very beneficial.


To turn his farmhouse into a solar powered station, he contacted Mehul Patel, Su-Kam’s authorised distributor from Gujarat. Mehul has been handling solar system installations for a while now and after careful inspection of Mr. Hardik’s farmhouse he gave the following suggestions:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s Solar submersible pump – 2HP
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels – 125W (16 in number)


Units Generated and Load Running

The 2HP solar water pump is expected to generate 200 liters of water per hour depending on the weather conditions. The 2KW solar panels panel generates approximately 10 to 12 units per day depending on the weather conditions.


Mr. Mehul says, ‘We have installed this solar pump that generates approximately 200 liters of water that is enough to water and irrigate 20 acres of land that is used for plantation and grazing purposes. The system is working absolutely fine and the installation was a massive success.’

Mr. Hardik Patel is extremely happy seeing his Farmhouse turn into a solar powered station that will help him save a massive amount of money in the long run.


We are glad to see another happy solar customer in India. Going solar has never been easier. What are you waiting for?


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For further details, please feel free to contact –

Mehul Patel (Su-Kam’s authorised distributor) – 08980026865

Contact the customer on the following –

Mr. Hardik Patel – 08156009197

Bhatpore Gam






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