Wow! Villages in Gujarat are now becoming solar hubs

IMG-20150920-WA0012The powerhouse of Indian economy, Gujarat has set an example for all other Indian states with its sustainable growth. From reeling under the devastating earthquake of 2001 to facing several calamities over the years, hardly anybody could have thought of this massive recovery and development in a record time.

The state boasting of possessing the biggest solar park has been the pillar for solar energy revolution in India. The city of Surat has been its beneficiary. According to the latest solar update, by 2021-22,  Gujarat  could emerge as the fourth largest state in India with proposed 3,200 megawatt (Mw) grid connected rooftop  solar power projects.

IMG-20150920-WA0001Surat, the commercial hub of vibrant Gujarat is bustling with life. Home to dynamic industrialists and diamond merchants, Surat is a storehouse of immense solar energy. Su-Kam is working diligently towards utilizing the untapped solar energy in fueling the energy needs of this busy metropolis city.

Residences located at the outskirts of Surat and the villages of Kim and Ariyana are speedily accepting the alternative source of electricity i.e. the solar electricity. Solar energy is no more just a substitute of grid tie electricity. It is gradually being accepted over electricity even in technologically advanced locations owing to its low maintenance and undependable nature.


Technical specification of installation at Kim

This entire set up although is capable of taking the power load of every appliance at the residence, yet presently it is used to power two fans, one television and four tube lights.


Technical specification of installation at Ariyana

  • Eight 250 watt solar panels
  • SolarCon Double Charge Controller of 48V/45 amp
  • Four pieces of tubular battery of 150AH each
  • Fusion Model Commercial UPS 3.5KVA

At present, this set up is being used to power three fans, one television and four tube lights.


The initial cost of both the installations can be recovered in a few years after which the families can use free and uninterrupted solar electricity.

Bhavnish Rathore, the dealer with Su-kam who installed both these set ups, said, “More and more people are opting for the solar energy not just a solution to exorbitant electricity bills but also for switching to a more dependable source that is environmentally sustainable.”

How does the system work?

Sunlight falls on the solar panels to generate DC electricity which passes through the solar charge controller to charge the battery intelligently. The battery powers the inverter, which then inverts the DC charge to AC to run the load effectively.

working diagram of a solar charge controller

The SolarCon charge controllers used in the set up ensures that the right amount of charge reaches your battery so that the battery remained undamaged. The system gives priority to solar though it can work with grid as well in case of unavailability of the former. Also, 80% of battery can be kept in reserve which can later be very useful during power cuts. In addition, the LCD display keeps the user informed about important things such as if mains is on or if the system is working on solar, and it also tells them how much money they are saving.

solarcon sukam

Going solar will thus reduce the power-related worries and also it is an eco-friendly solution.

Dial 9824198846 to reach Mr Bhavnish Rathore or launch a query at 1800-102-7555 to go solar today.


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