Yay! Chandigarh Family Reduces Their Electricity Bill by 30% After Going Solar

Meet Mr. Naveen from Chandigarh. Mr. Naveen stays in an area in which power cuts is not a major issue but the prices of electricity is very high. Chandigarh is a northern state of India where the sun shines for 13 hours on an average in the summer season. Naveen wanted to reduce his electricity bill and decided to go solar. It was the perfect solution, but he did not know which solar system would be perfect for his home.


And so he called up Mr. Koushal, Su-Kam’s authorized solar distributor in Chandigarh and he suggested Su-kam’s state of the art Brainy Eco solar home ups to be installed in his home for best results.

Mr. Koushal is an experienced distributor and swears by Su-Kam’s solar products since he has had hands on experience in installing the systems and after sales servicing. Mr. Koushal asked his loyal Su-Kam dealer Mr. Gautam located in new metro sector 21 in Chandigarh to install Brainy Eco in Naveen’s home. After a detailed site inspection the following system was installed:


  1. Su-Kam’s solar panels– 300W
  2. Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco 1100
  3. Two Batteries– 150AH



Brainy Eco has an inbuilt 30amp solar charge controller that receives DC current from solar panels and efficiently charges the batteries and runs the load through the solar energy stored in the batteries.

A simple understanding of this would be that this home UPS can simultaneously charge the batteries through grid supply and solar energy. If solar power is enough to run the load Brainy Eco will use only solar power coming from the panels.

If solar energy is insufficient then, Brainy Eco will give first priority to solar and will share the rest of the power from the grid supply and efficiently charge the batteries. There is also a provision of disabling grid charging completely and running your load only through solar energy for maximum savings!



This system is generating 2 to 3 units in a day and will two fans and two tube lights in Naveen’s home.

After this installation we spoke to Mr. Gautam, he told us ‘Mr. Naveen wanted to run the light load of his house. We installed Brainy Eco 1100 for him to utilize solar whenever required and also work as a normal inverter according to his convenience. He will not face any issues we guarantee that and we are here to help him regarding any issue’.

To know how Brainy Eco works watch this video:

For further information please contact Su-Kam’s solar channel partner:

Mr. Koushal (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor from Power solutions)- 09216226129

Contact the customer on the following-

Naveen Gupta – 09041721598

Kharad Road








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